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Photometric and Colorimetric Measurement Instruments

Projector Measurement Products

Light_Source Measurement Products

Photometric and Colorimetric Measurement Instruments:

All Digital Luxmeter

XYI-III ALL Digital Luxmeter

XYI-IV All Digital Luxmeter

XYI-III All Digital Cylinder Luxmeter

XYI-V All Digital UV-Radiometer

All Digital Luminance-meter

XYL-V All Digital Luminance-meter(Spotmeter)

XYL-III All Digital Luminance-meter

XYL-IV All Digital Luminance-meter


All Digital Photometer

XYG-II All Digital Photometer

XYG-III All Digital Photometer

All Digital Colorimeter

t_xyc-i.jpg (10053 bytes)

XYC-I All Digital Colorimeter

XYC-II All Digital Colorimeter(luminous flux)

Spectrum measurement

Spectrum Analysis System    

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